Sound Accord Quartet
Duane - Tenor

Mike - Lead

Taylor - Bass

Tony - Baritone

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Our second CD ist titled Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, a collection of collection of secular and sacred music. We can share a track of the album with you, here. Enjoy!

An Irish Blessing (MP3)

The Music Man!

Who we are

Quartets are magic! But in reality, they are seldom created in one magic moment, as Prof. Hill would have us believe. Sound Accord first appeared in 1989 when lead, Mike Bearden, found three like minded men. Previously, Mike had performed with various BYU vocal groups. Tenor, Duane McGuire, joined the quartet in 1991 after singing with several quartets in Washington State. After years of singing along with everything in his extensive rock music collection, Tony Anderson found his musical outlet as the baritone. Taylor Wilson previously expressed his musical talent with the trombone, and became the quartet bass in 2001.

Sound Accord sings classic barbershop tunes, and branches out with some 30's jazz and 50's bee bop.